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World’s leading experts in digital DNA data storage solutions for the entertainment industry


Digital DNA Data Storage

Converting digital media into DNA molecules

Digital DNA Storage
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deoxyribonucleic acid


Every media file ever created cand be stored in just a few hundred Glacier Storage Cards safe and sound for hundreds of thousands of years

Advantages of digital

DNA Data Storage

The ideal data storage solution for the entertainment industry


Compatible with most file formats


Every audio track, film, photograph, script or image can be stored in a small tube of DNA molecules and can be easily retrieved


DNA literally lasts forever and is highly stable


Quality is indistinguishable from the original

Our products

We use the most advanced synthetic DNA printing platform available.

Glyph | Plus

Glacier Tracks

High quality DNA files delivered directly to you on a Mimulus Glacier Data Storage card and stored in our vault

Convert files

Digital files to DNA files

Any digital file

Any digital file

.wav .mp3 .mp4


Glacier Tracks

.dna Glacier Track™

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